Queerture was founded in June 2019 by Geoffrey- a Queer Londoner who wanted to do things differently. His strong passion for traveling and the LGBTQIA+ community made him active on the scene. He wanted to create something that would provide sustainable employment within our community and inspire people to be truly comfortable to express who they are.

“In the Queer community, we can sometimes struggle to find something to wear that represents us,” he continues. “We are, in a way, forced to go for something that represents the masses, rather than us individually. I wanted to create something that represents the queer community. We are sometimes naughty, sometimes political and other times, we just want to have fun—which is what fashion is all about.”- Geoffrey Silva, Founder

Queerture is the epitome of everything our community is about. Its diversity, it’s a freedom of expression and most importantly, it’s being true to oneself. We have collections that constantly evolve. We incorporate these within every flag and our products are all gender-neutral (unisex).  We are on a mission to “normalise” all aspects of Queer culture, and we do this by creating a movement. A movement that liberates us. Our movement.

Are you with us?! 


- Geoffrey Silva, Founder