Queerture Celebrates Successful Launch, Casts its Sights Globally

Fashion label celebrates global queer community

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, 17th September 2019 – The fashion industry has always drawn, however subtlety, from the queer community. And vice versa. With the launch of its Summer 2019 collection, independent fashion label Queerture has raised that whisper to a loud and clear voice, as strong and proud as the community itself.

Since its inception in June this year, Queerture’s fashions have graced influencers from Sweden to LA, Sydney to Germany. And its no accident.  Label founder Geoffrey Silva launched Queerture to celebrate the role fashion plays in the lives of queer communities around the world.

Fashion has always been a powerful and practical means of self-identification and communication within the queer community,” Silva said. “And in many parts of the world a subtle one, out of necessity. We founded Queerture to reflect our experiences as queer travellers and to honour the ingenious global vernaculars of queer style.”

Some parts of the world, including Western Europe and North America, have seen the reverse - a watering down of the once distinct queer fashion idioms through their widespread adoption.  

In the Queer community, we can sometimes struggle to find something to wear that represents us,” he continues. “We are, in a way, forced to go for something that represents the masses, rather than us individually. I wanted to create something that represents the queer community. We are sometimes political, sometimes professional and other times, we just want to have fun—which is what fashion is all about.”.

That steadfast commitment to inclusive celebration inspired Queerture to become the first fashion brand to incorporate every LGBTQ+ flag in its products. An affirmation of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, non-binary, pan-sexual, and asexual lives lies at the heart of every decision Queerture makes.

“When I first imagined what would become Queerture,” says Silva, “I wanted to use fashion as a vehicle to raise awareness of our beautifully coloured community and to encourage its to make bold statements of self-expression and self-empowerment. Launching our first line was just the start, and the community’s already responded amazingly warmly.”

Check out all of Queerture's Latest Limited Edition and Classic collection by clicking here.

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